The Federation of Hazel Wood Infant School and Lydlynch Infant School

About the Governors

The Governing Body of the Federation of Hazel Wood Infant School and Lydlynch Infant School comprises:


  • Two Parents
  • One Local Authority governor
  • One Executive Headteacher
  • One Staff governor, elected by their colleagues 
  • Ten Co-opted members are also included where the person has specific skills applicable to the federation.


Total number of governors: fifteen


In the governments continuous drive to improve standards for all in schools there is a clear opportunity for parents and the community to play a part.
The Governors of the federation bring a range of experience and interests from many walks of life. They work closely with others to make decisions, and to make sure the impacts of these decisions are followed up. 
The Governors of the federation work as a team. They are responsible for making sure the schools provides the very best quality education it can. This has the best chance of happening when there are high expectations of what pupils can achieve.
Governors of the federation promote effective ways of teaching and learning when setting the schools aims and policies. They do this together with the Executive Headteacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school.
Governing bodies are responsible to their stakeholders (the children and parents).  With the inception of Every Child Matters, Governing Bodies are also held accountable for involving the community, often described as Community Cohesion. 
The Governing Bodies main role is to:


  • Plan the school's future direction 
  • Select the Executive Headteacher 
  • Make decisions on the school's budget and staffing 
  • Make sure the national curriculum is taught 
  • Decide how the school can encourage pupil's spiritual, moral and social development
  • Makes sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs.


A Governors role is also to listen and, in the federation, we pride ourselves on supporting and challenging the  Executive Headteacher by being that critical friend.  It is essential to good governance that all views are gathered and that we ask questions and decide what's best for the school. 
The Governing Body has a very important and essential role to play. Governors are ultimately responsible for how the school is performing and following up OFSTED inspection reports is an extremely important task. It is, therefore, essential that Governors have their finger on the pulse of the school and the aim should always be to identify problems and tackle them in advance.


More information is available from Hampshire County Council Governor website,